Gender Equity Lens Debrief Session

The Need:

Whether we realize it or not, each of us looks at the world differently, through lenses that shape our perceptions, attitudes, and actions. Our lenses may include biases that impact how we move through the world, make decisions and build systems. Women and girls are underrepresented in sport partly because of a sport system that has been created without consideration for their needs.

The Solution:

This workshop is providing an opportunity for participants to reflect on the concepts, definitions and processes they learned through the Gender Equity LENS e-module and ask questions to deepen their understanding. Best suited for groups of 15-20 participants.

NOTE: Organizations need to complete the e-module prior to attending this session.

 The Impact:

The Gender Equity LENS training gives sport leaders the information and tools they need to act on their commitment to inclusion and make policy and program decisions that better serve women and girls in sport. In a recent survey, 98% of participants felt that the information and skills they learned through the Gender Equity LENS were valuable to their work.

Participants also reported feeling empowered to:

  • Use the LENS tools to frame organizational change;
  • Apply the Gender Equity LENS approach to governance structures;
  • Seek different perspectives in decision making;
  • Plan for diversity in materials and develop a review process with a diverse panel; and,
  • Review employee handbooks and job postings through a gender lens.

“Taking steps to address gender equity doesn’t have to be overwhelming – it’s about identifying areas where you can make changes, setting your focus, and developing and implementing a plan – continuous improvement and learning!”

Program Participant

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