Transforming sport in Canada so girls and women can reach their full potential.

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It’s Time: Unlocking the Power of Pro Women’s Sport Fans

In this first-of-its-kind research we illustrate the tremendous value—current and potential—that fans of women’s sports in Canada represent for all manner of sport business. 


Rally Report Insights: Body Confidence

Body changes and menstruation, combined with social and cultural pressures, can contribute to low body confidence in girls. As a result, many girls are pushed out of sport.


For Sport Leaders: Gender Equity LENS E-Learning

Learn how to create sport environments that support women and girls to participate and lead in sport over the long term through this short and cost-effective resource. Participants receive NCCP PD Points upon completion.

For NSO Governance Reform: Gender Equity Playbook

The Gender Equity Playbook provides a collaborative review and assessment of sport organizations’ policies, programs, and practices through a gender equity lens. Organizations build their competencies and confidence by establishing solid internal policies, processes and programs through exploration and gender equity gaps resolution.

For Organizations: Retaining Girls in Sport Workshop

In this workshop designed for coaches, recreation leaders, teachers and sport administrators, participants will explore how to holistically design programs to meet the psycho-social needs of girls to increase their participation and retention in sport and physical activity.

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