National Same Game Challenge

Applications are now closed for this Same Game Challenge cohort, made possible thanks to funding support from Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities.

Next Steps for applicants:

We are now in the reviewing applications. Organizations will be notified of the status of their application during the week of October 24th, 2022. For those who are not selected in this cohort, we encourage you to submit your interest here and you will be notified when the next round of applications open.

Next steps for interested organizations who did not apply:

Applications are currently closed for this cohort. Interested in participating in an upcoming Same Game Challenge? Sign up here to be notified when applications open.

Who is eligible? 

This application is open to local community sport and recreation organizations across Canada such as minor sport organizations, recreation facilities, or other organizations that offer physical activity or sport in their community.

What is the Same Game Challenge?

Same Game Challenge is for sport leaders who are inspired to reimagine how women and girls access their sport but have been frustrated in their ability to make efficient and effective change. Sport leaders will be provided with a step-by-step process that guides them on how to connect with their members to identify gender inequities. Sport leaders and their organizations will develop the skills they need to create sustainable change that closes the gender inequity gaps they face. Participating organizations will also receive access to expert coaching and peer support throughout the process.  

What is the Same Game Toolkit? 

Same Game is a step-by-step online toolkit to help you bring your gender equity vision to life. You’ll walk through a systematic process for embedding gender equity into your organization – from creating your vision, to implementing initiatives, to reflecting and revising what you’ve done, and all the steps in between.

Once you’ve completed the Same Game toolkit, you’ll be able to:

  • develop effective solutions to engage more women and girls in your sport over the long term,
  • collect and analyze data about your progress to help you make strategic decisions,
  • get buy in from key stakeholders like your board, staff, coaches, and volunteers, who are instrumental in helping move gender equity projects forward; and,
  • communicate your goals and assess your performance, so you can adapt and adjust as necessary.

By following the steps, your organization will have greater confidence in the initiatives you undertake, make better use of resources, and generate greater results. It helps leaders make strategic choices and build a foundation for lasting engagement of girls and women, benefiting their sport and those who play it.

By following the steps, your organization will have greater confidence in the initiatives you undertake, make better use of resources, and generate greater results. It helps leaders make strategic choices and build a foundation for lasting engagement of girls and women, benefiting their sport and those who play it.  

How will my organization benefit? 

Successful applicants will receive:  

  • Coaching and mentorship – guidance and advice for embedding gender equity into their organizational strategies, process, and programs 
  • Opportunities to share and learn with others – connect with other leaders who will be working through Same Game simultaneously 
  • Professional Development – Access to free licenses of the Gender Equity LENS e-learning module for their organization leaders  
  • Financial Support – $1,000 honorarium to support organizational gender equity activities 
  • Knowledge and Competency – Effective solutions and a better understanding of how to engage women and girls in sport 

What is the commitment required by my organization? 

  • A minimum of one contact/representative from the organization to attend each group session and coaching session 
  • Two representatives from the organization to be part of the program 
  • Attend five (5) one-on-one meetings with Same Game Coach  
  • Active participation for the six (6) month program duration 
  • Submitting testimonials/feedback on your organization’s experience during the program 
  • Interacting and moving through with the Same Game Toolkit throughout the program duration 
  • This program requires a touch point every 3 weeks with your group and/or coach 

Canadian Women & Sport is committed to the equitable distribution of funds to all communities and underrepresented groups. We welcome and encourage applications from organizations led by or directly serving women and girls who are: 

  • Indigenous peoples (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) 
  • People of Colour (people who are non-white, regardless of birthplace) 
  • 2SLGBTQI+  
  • Deaf Persons, Persons with Disabilities 

We also encourage applications from organizations in a variety of communities (rural, suburban, urban, reserves) and sport and activity types (individual, team, recreational, summer, winter).  

We would like to thank Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities for funding this program.