National Same Game Challenge

Same Game Challenge is a program aimed at empowering sport leaders with knowledge and tools to tackle gender inequity and help make Canadian sport more inclusive. 

Girls, women and gender-diverse individuals face unique obstacles to participating in sport. Same Game Challenge aims to address these obstacles head on by enabling sport leaders to create better, safer sport for girls. Through Same Game, sport leaders will:

  • Go through an online gender equity journey that includes creating a gender equity vision, implementing activities, and everything in between.  
  • Receive 1:1 coaching and mentorship on how to embed gender equity into organizational strategies, process, and programs.  
  • Get access to free licenses of the Gender Equity LENS e-learning module for organizational leaders.  
  • Receive a $1,000 honorarium to support organizational gender equity activities.  
  • Connect and collaborate with a community of participants made up of diverse people and organizations from across Canada.  
  • Develop increased knowledge and greater confidence in promoting gender equity within their organization.    

2023 and 2024 Same Game Challenge Dates

For 2023, applicants can select which Same Game Challenge program date works best for their organization. Here are the Same Game program dates for 2023, and a look ahead at 2024. 

  • Option 1: July to December 2023  
  • Option 2: October to April 2024  
  • Option 3: January to July 2024  
  • Option 4: (French) April to October 2024    

What are past participants saying?

“This program helped us understand what changes we needed to make to help more girls and women participate in sport. Having a program and hoping they attend isn’t enough. We need to understand why they participate and what barriers are holding them back.”  

Same Game Participant and Sport Leader  

“Same Game gave us the opportunity to be introspective about current practices and policies. As an organization we’ve made the commitment to integrate what we’ve learned to create a more inviting, empowering, and inclusive rugby community.” 

Same Game Participant and Sport Leader 

What is the commitment required by participating organizations? 

  • A minimum of one contact/representative from the organization to attend each group session and coaching session 
  • Two representatives from the organization to be part of the program 
  • Attend five (5) one-on-one meetings with Same Game Coach  
  • Active participation for the six (6) month program duration 
  • Submitting testimonials/feedback on your organization’s experience during the program 
  • Interacting and moving through the Same Game Challenge throughout the program duration 
  • This program requires a touch point every 3 weeks with your group and/or coach 

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Same Game is made possible thanks to funding support from Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities.