Women in Sport Leadership

The Need:

Diverse boards have proven to have higher creativity, improved team collaboration and a better understanding of a diverse end user. More women on boards may help make sport safer by altering organizational norms, limiting tolerance of gender inequitable practices and increasing awareness of gender-based violence. Research has shown that at least 30% of positions being held by women is needed to realize the benefits of diverse perspectives from a gender lens. 59% of Provincial and Territorial Sport Organizations we surveyed hit this sweet spot, but more needs to be done to accomplish a balanced gender parity. 

The Solution:

Canadian Women & Sport has developed one workshop aimed at portraying the current state of women in sport leadership and how sport leaders can drive further progress when it comes to reaching a balanced gender parity. It all start with girls participating in sports. 

The Impact: 

This workshop will help sport leaders understand where and why women’s leadership is improving and where they need to direct continued attention to develop, implement and sustain lasting change. They will learn about:

  • The link between girls’ participation and women’s leadership
  • The key drivers of and barriers to gender equity 
  • How to sustain progress and embedding inclusion 

Diverse voices and representation are needed and crucial amongst boards, coaching and administration staff and volunteers.