What is unconscious bias?

Our brains group people based on things we know or assume about them, like age, gender, skin colour, income, ability or education. Our brains use these groupings to make judgements without us even knowing it. This is called unconscious bias.

Unconscious bias is not right.  It’s wrong.  It just is!  But, if we don’t intentionally identify our unconscious bias, we run the risk that our biases impact our decision making, which could lead to unfairness against groups of individuals and harm our pursuits to improve inclusion.  A first step to counter our unconscious bias is to learn more about different types so that you can actively counter your unconscious bias.  Review a quick summary below:

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If you’re interested in learning more, consider taking the Gender Equity LENS, which, in addition to defining foundational concepts, provides a practical model for bringing a gender lens to the work you do in sport – in whatever role you play!