Position Statement: Trans Inclusion in Sport

We appreciate that conversations about inclusion in sport are often complicated, and many people who advocate for the rights of cisgender women and girls fear that these rights are threatened by inclusion of trans people. We do not share the view that inclusion of transgender women poses a fundamental threat to the advancement of cisgender women in sport. 

Canadian Women & Sport has advocated passionately for an equitable and inclusive sport system that empowers women and girls for the past forty years. We believe that inclusion for women and girls must include inclusion of trans women and girls. This position is rooted in Canada’s human rights legislation and in our core value of inclusion. It is also significantly informed by our ongoing reviews of the research and dialogue with stakeholders. We have articulated this view in our position statement on trans inclusion, which you can find on this page, and more recently in our statement on the World Rugby ruling, which you can find here

There is still much to be learned about how to create truly inclusive environments where people of all genders can all achieve their fullest potential through sport. We will continue to be informed by research and to engage in respectful dialogue that recognizes the human rights of trans people within sport and seeks to advance solutions for inclusion.  We look forward to engaging with the sport system further on this topic in 2021 in collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.