Canadian Women & Sport Welcomes New Board Chair and Vice-Chair

Canadian Women & Sport concluded its Board of Directors election process on October 22nd, 2023 by electing a new Chair and Vice-Chair. The organization is excited to welcome Deidra Dionne and Camille Wallace as Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively.  

Deidra Dionne

Previously a Director-at-Large, 2-time Olympian Dionne is an athlete advocate and sport and entertainment leader, who has been an integral part of the organization’s board of directors for the past three years. Her first-hand sport experience and work in the entertainment and business sector mean Dionne brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to this role. 

I’m honoured to be elected to this role as the Chair and I’m excited for the work that is to come in this era of women’s sport. This is a crucial time for women’s sport and business in Canada. Strong groundwork has been formed to get us to where we’re at today and I’m excited to oversee an organization that is leading the charge for safer and more gender equitable sport in Canada,

Deidra Dionne, Chair
Camille Wallace

New Vice-Chair Camille Wallace, North American Sports Partnerships at TikTok, brings her expertise as a marketing professional to the organization’s evolving brand. With vast experience in the social media realm and her intersectional work as a member of The Black Professionals in Technology Network and Black in Sport Business professional network, Wallace adds a unique perspective to the business and marketing landscape on the board.  

I’m thrilled to be elected as the Vice-Chair of Canadian Women & Sport’s board. In the past few years, we’ve seen a major culture shift in the demand and attention paid to women’s sports in Canada. While there is still work to be done, the strides made in this space exemplify that Canadians are hungry for more. I’m honoured to be part of an organization leading in this work to create equitable and inclusive spaces for women and girls in the Canadian sport system,

Camille Wallace, Vica-Chair

As Canadian Women & Sport heads into the final year of its current Strategic Plan, the organization looks forward to seeing the leadership of Dionne and Wallace unfold in the coming months.  

Deidra and Camille each bring extensive expertise to the organization and a history of leadership on the board through various committees. Between them, I am confident that we have the right strategy, skills and experience to guide the organization to new heights in this moment of unprecedented opportunity. I would also like to recognize and thank our departing Chair, Tanya and former Vice-Chair, Althea for their stewardship of the board over the past two years. Their steadfast leadership came at a transformative time for the organization, and we will continue to build upon the great work they helped to establish in this new chapter,

Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, Canadian Women & Sport CEO

Canadian Women & Sport thanks Tanya Mruck for her years of service to the organization as well as to previous Vice-Chair, Althea Arsenault for her leadership on the board. Arsenault continues to serve on the Board as a Director-at-Large.  

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