Making the Case: Physical Activity and Women 55-70

The evidence is very clear. Canada’s baby boomers are aging, and as they age, every aspect of society must be prepared to provide services, programs and products to meet their needs.  Making the Case: Physical Activity and Women 55–70 looks at one very specific group within our aging population, and the impact that investing in physical activity can have on their health, their quality of life and on your bottom line.

Our vision is to see as many women between the ages of 55 and 70 engaged in physical activity as possible. You and your organization are integral to seeing this vision become a reality.  Getting more women in this age group physically active in a community is not the responsibility of any one group, but the collective responsibility of a wide variety of partners.  Stakeholders will need to come together to explore creative solutions, develop or adapt existing programs and services and jointly invest money, time and resources. 

Our goal in developing this report is to provide you with concrete evidence that makes the case for investing in physical activity initiatives for women 55–70.  It uses current information from the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute, Statistics Canada and other published sources.  It also includes information (including quotes) from women 55–70 and community stakeholders who participated in cross-Canada focus groups. The credible statistical research, combined with anecdotal and candid personal experience provides a unique perspective.  Many of the challenges faced by these women and people who program for them are outlined, and real-life examples of how to overcome the barriers are given.