On the Move Handbook

The On the Move (OTM) Handbook has been designed as a practical guide for use by service providers for the creation of an OTM program. It is based on experiences of communities from across Canada who have implemented programs designed to encourage inactive girls and young women (ages 9-18) to participate in recreational sport and physical activity. The OTM concept and model have been presented, however, structured timelines and rigid program design have been purposefully avoided to allow for each community to respond to its unique situation. OTM therefore relies on collaboration between service providers and the girls and young women of the community to determine details such as activity choices, timing, cost, and other program variations.

As an enthusiastic and committed leader, this Handbook provides you with the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences to achieve gender equity in physical activity and sport and help the girls and young women in your community develop a foundation for active living.

In this Handbook you will find: 

•    An overview of initiative’s history, the OTM concept, and program objectives.  

•    Answers to common questions about sport and physical activity programming for girls and young women.  

•    Suggestions, Recommendations, Research Notes, and Notes From…which have been gathered from OTM experiences across the country and relevant research.

•     Appendices which include government policy initiatives, newspaper clippings, and guidelines for gender equitable practices. 

•    Evaluation tools which will assist in the critically important task of monitoring program results and adapting and improving the OTM concept to fit the needs of girls and young women in your community.

•     Lists of contacts, organizations, and resources, which will provide you with valuable information, and network you with those who have been involved in a variety of projects targeting girls and young women.