We’re committed to driving change through actionable, evidence-based resources that address gender equity challenges in sport at the ground level. Our resources will help you understand how to prioritize inclusion in your work on a day-to-day basis.

Application Open: Same Game Challenge

Same Game Challenge is for sport leaders who are inspired to reimagine how women and girls access their sport but have been frustrated in their ability to make efficient and effective change. Sport leaders will be provided with a step-by-step process that guides them on how to connect with their members to identify gender inequities. Sport leaders and their organizations will develop the skills they need to create sustainable change that closes the gender inequity gaps they face.

Applications are now open for sport and recreation organizations across Canada.

Photo-GalleryPhoto Gallery

If you can’t see her, you can’t be her.  Use our gallery for great images of women and girls in sport.  Please note that images are free to use for NON-COMMERCIAL use only.


Build your knowledge on gender equity and sport with our library of publications on topics including the psychosocial factors that impact sport participation for girls, how to make sure LGBTQI2S athletes and coaches feel safe and included, how to build a better board, and more

Research & Insights

What percentage of girls drop out of sport, and why? How many sport boards in Canada have more than 30% women? You can find those answers and more in our collection of research and analysis – your key to understanding the Canadian sport landscape from the perspectives of women and girls.


Practical, do-it-yourself guidelines for organizations or individuals in sport looking to advance gender equity in their work.

Case Studies

Real examples of how our partners solved gender equity challenges. Explore a variety of case studies from local, provincial, and national sport and community organizations.


This comprehensive glossary aims to provide a reference for anyone interested in terminology used within inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.