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#ITSTIME for a vibrant professional women’s sport marketplace in Canada.

Investing in professional women’s sport will unlock a new era of growth and opportunity in Canada, one that will herald commercial and social benefits for decades to come.

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Download It’s Time: A Roadmap for Accelerating Professional Women’s Sport in Canada to learn more.

In this first-of-its-kind study of the Canadian market from Canadian Women & Sport, Canadian Tire Corporation and Boston Consulting Group, we present a roadmap for investing in professional women’s sport in Canada.

Access the whitepaper here.


What the Research Shows

Around the world, women’s professional sport is a growing industry—one that offers a compelling investment opportunity paired with strong social benefits. The research is clear:

  1. Women’s professional sport is ripe for investment. It offers a unique and strong value proposition for investors in Canada, particularly those with a venture capital mindset.
  2. The Canadian women’s professional sport market of today is estimated to be $150-200 million and is significantly underdeveloped.
  3. Canadian stakeholders are starting to invest in women’s professional sport and fan interest is high.
  4. The path to a vibrant professional women’s sport market in Canada is through in-market leagues and teams.

How to Play Your Part

  1. Show up: Participate in existing professional women’s sport opportunities in Canada and engage in the full fan experience.
  2. Pay attention: Follow thought leaders, existing teams, leagues, athletes, and influencers. Take notice of the ecosystem, the trends and the white space.
  3. Talk about it: Seek out the insights and advice you need to define your place in the growing women’s professional sport market and take action.
  4. Ask for more. Ask for more opportunities for girls and women to participate and be seen in and through sport.
  5. Demand equity. Speak up for equity in all sport environments, not just at the professional level.
  6. Get in the game. Explore opportunities to invest. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Help Accelerate Professional Women’s Sport in Canada

Why Women’s Professional Sport, Why Now

“Professional women’s sport isn’t a movement. It’s the movement.” 

– Nathalie Cook, Sport Media and Sponsorship Executive

“Canada, it is time for us to catch up. It is time to invest in women’s professional sport.” 

– Kia Nurse, Professional Basketball Player and Broadcaster

“We are at such an important moment in women’s sport. Be a part of history. Be the change. It’s time to invest.” 

– Karina LeBlanc, President/General Manager, Portland Thorns

“If you can see it, you can be it. Let’s give young girls women athletes they can look up to.” 

– Tanya Mruck, Vice President Community Engagement & Social Impact, MLSE

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About the Commercial Women’s Sport Initiative

In 2022, Canadian Women & Sport launched its Commercial Women’s Sport Initiative, supported by Premier National Partner Canadian Tire Corporation. Guided by a distinguished Advisory Group, the initiative seeks to support the growth and development of professional sport opportunities for women in Canada as an essential component of an equitable and inclusive sport system. Through the initiative, Canadian Women & Sport and its partners are providing evidence, thought leadership, and connection to inform investment decisions by sport properties, media, brands, and more, as well as to complement the work being done by others in this space.