Canadian Women & Sport Teams Up with She’s4Sports on New Digital Sports Series

Canadian Women & Sport announced today a collaboration with She’s4Sports on a new digital series titled, She Leads By Sport. The interview series from Ainka Jess, founder of She’s4Sports, highlights the journey of inspirational women leaders from different corners of the sports world including a sports apparel designer, broadcaster, Olympic bobsledder, nutritionist and Canada’s first female boxing ring announcer. 

The first episode debuts today featuring an in-depth discussion with Olympic wrestler and Gold Medal winner Erica Wiebe on perseverance and creating your own path. Additional episodes will be shared across Canadian Women & Sport and She’s4Sports’ platforms in the coming weeks.

Canadian women in sport who are featured in She Leads By Sport include:

  • Erica Wiebe – Olympic Gold Medallist, Wrestling 
  • Yvette Raposo – Canada’s first female Boxing Ring Announcer 
  • Perdita Felicien – Olympian, Track and Field, Author 
  • Seanna Thomas – Nutritionist and Entrepreneur
  • Waneek Horn-Miller – Olympian, Water Polo 
  • Cynthia Appiah – Olympian, Bobsleigh
  • Tori Lord – Business Executive, Sports Fashion  
  • Trudie German – Health & Fitness Expert 
  • Anastasia Bucsis – Olympian, Speed Skating

“Ainka is a passionate champion for women in sport and the She Leads By Sport series puts a spotlight on a diverse range of  inspiring Canadians who have had their own remarkable journey to achieving success in sport,” said Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, CEO, Canadian Women & Sport. “Supporting storytellers and content that celebrates girls and women is essential as we continue to build a more inclusive sport community.” 

She Leads by Sport  is the latest content program for Canadian Women & Sport following its trending #ICommit social campaign with CBC Sports last month where Canadians made a personal commitment to support girls in sport.

“We have to reshape the narrative in sport to amplify and champion the contributions of women in sport. By partnering with Canadian Women & Sport on this digital series, we can help to level the playing field and show girls that they too can participate and thrive in sports.” Ainka Jess, Founder She’s4Sports.

About She’s4Sports

She’s4Sports is a Toronto-based organization that mobilizes women through digital platforms and events to have a larger voice in sports. The network represents a community of over 4,000 passionate women and men who celebrate the contributions of women in sports and address issues including gender diversity, equity and inclusion in sport.


Alex Grey

Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications

Canadian Women & Sport