Commercial Women’s Sport Initiative

It’s time for a vibrant, professional women’s sport marketplace in Canada.

At Canadian Women & Sport, we know women’s professional sport has a unique and strong value proposition for investors in Canada. Investment in this space is a forward-thinking, strategic business decision.

We believe it’s possible to offer a new model for investing in women’s professional sports.

Our Research

Working closely with our Commercial Women’s Sport Advisory Group and Boston Consulting Group, we are conducting research that explores the opportunities for the commercial women’s sport marketplace in Canada and the related financial, commercial and social benefits.

Our ultimate goal is to present an innovative model to understanding and valuing professional women’s sport in Canada,” says Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, CEO at Canadian Women & Sport. “If it’s going to be successful, it has to be done differently. Gender equity must be central to investments and operations from day one.”


Special thanks to Canadian Tire Corporation, our Premier National Partner for the Group and the Research.

Join us in this important work. 

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