Our Impact

We partner with sport organizations, governments, and leaders to build better sport through gender equity. We’re experts on systemic change and strive to build a stronger, more equitable sport system for girls and women and for all Canadians.

Impact-Report-iconImpact Report

Our collective journey towards gender equity requires exceptional teamwork, dedication, and vision – and we’re not there yet. There’s a place for everyone in designing the future of sport.

Strategic Plan

Canadian Women & Sport is committed to driving measurable impact that results in systemic change. To achieve this, the 2021-24 strategic plan focuses on three key priorities: deepening our gender equity work with sport organizations, fostering ongoing relationships with our partners and modernizing our current model.

Theory of Change

Through three key areas of focus, we will accelerate the retention and advancement of girls and women in sport and physical activity in Canada. Our theory of change illustrates how we achieve systemic change in these focus areas