Canadian Women & Sport launches new e-learning module to help sport leaders make more equitable decisions

Canadian Women & Sport is proud to announce the release of our new e-learning module, Gender Equity LENS.  

This new module gives sport leaders the information and tools they need to act on their commitment to gender equity, helping them make policy and program decisions to better serve women and girls in their sport. The e-learning module teaches participants how to bring a gender lens to day-to-day decision-making and understand how their decisions may have different impacts on underrepresented groups in sport. 

By completing the module, participants will: 

  • build their understanding of key equity and inclusion concepts, including gender, intersectionality, and unconscious bias; 
  • learn how embracing gender equity can make their sport better for all involved; 
  • learn how to apply our LENS framework to help them ask the right questions and challenge assumptions that keep equity out of reach; and,  
  • learn how to create sport environments that support women and girls to participate and lead in sport over the long term. 

“We know that leaders in sport in all roles and at all levels can have a positive impact in creating the conditions for all women and girls to participate, lead and ultimately stay in sport,” said Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, CEO, Canadian Women & Sport. “There are so many benefits to having more women and girls involved, and we designed this module to help leaders and decision-makers build their capacity to address and solve equity issues.” 

Gender Equity LENS is part of Canadian Women & Sport’s Gender Equity Playbook, a program that supports sport leaders to strengthen their organizations by making more equitable decisions. The Playbook includes the e-learning module, our custom gender equity assessment program, and our action planning consultation service.  

The Gender Equity Playbook program was piloted this year by Alpine Canada, Athletics Canada, Rowing Canada, Canada Snowboard, Sport for Life, and Baseball Canada. Learn more about the playbook here

We are grateful to Sport Canada for their support of the Gender Equity Playbook project. The Gender Equity Playbook Assessment Program was developed in partnership with Ryerson University’s Diversity Institute and Ryerson University’s Future of Sport Lab.