May Newsletter: Striving for safe, equitable, diverse and inclusive sport

In sport, gender equity remains a goal and not yet a mission accomplished.

Canadian Women & Sport’s Gender Equity Playbook (“the Playbook”) advances gender equity in sport by helping sport organizations examine and align their policies, processes and programs using an intersectional gender lens.

Our Winning Plays: The Gender Equity Playbook Report highlights key learnings, triumphs, challenges and visions for growth that can be used to inform policies, investments, and actions broadly in the sport system. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the commitment to real and impactful change by the Playbook organizations. 

Draw up your play for a stronger team by learning from Canada’s national sport organizations who completed the Gender Equity Playbook: 

Upcoming Learning Opportunities:

  • May 1-31 marks Asian Heritage Month. This month is an opportunity for all Canadians to learn more about the many achievements and contributions of Canadians of Asian descent. It’s vital that as we continue to work to build more equitable sport for women and girls, that we seek opinions from people with intersecting identities. Intersectionality is important in advancing gender equity in sport because one solution may not work for ALL women and girls.  If we don’t acknowledge this, we risk building more barriers to true equity. 
  • Did you know our brains group people based on things we know or assume about them, like age, gender, skin colour, income, ability or education? Our brains use these groupings to make judgements without us even knowing it. This is called unconscious bias. If we don’t intentionally identify our unconscious bias, we run the risk that our biases impact our decision making, which could lead to unfairness against groups of individuals and harm our pursuits to improve inclusion.  A first step to counter our unconscious bias is to learn more about different types so that you can actively counter your unconscious bias. 

Gender Equity Initiatives From Our Friends:

  • The Canadian Sport Policy is set to be renewed in February 2023. The renewed sport policy will help to identify Canadian sport priorities and provide guidance to Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments in advancing sport for the next 10 years (2023-2033). To complement and further inform the process, all Canadians are invited to complete the survey. If you agree that gender equity is important for advancing sport in Canada, make your opinion known. Complete the survey by June 23, 2022. Access the survey here.

Have a gender Equity initiative you want to share? Click here.

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