June Newsletter: Building Better Sport for All from Grassroots to Professional

Sport is a powerful tool for social change. We believe that by empowering women, girls, and gender-diverse people within and through sport, we can transform our sport system and our society for the better.

Our 2022-23 Impact Report highlights the work we’ve been doing and how it is creating real change in the sport system. 

From supporting 2,513 sport leaders from coast-to-coast-to-coast, distributing $1.8 million through grants and programming, and driving important conversations forward to influence the sport landscape in Canada, we are creating tangible change at the systems level. 

But we certainly didn’t do this alone. Our partners, champions and friends truly make it all possible.

What the Data Tells Us

Highlights from our 2022-2023 Impact Report

In our work, we collaborate with sport leaders and sport organizations to create sustainable systems change that keeps more girls and women in sport at all levels – from playgrounds to podiums to professional – as participants and as leaders.

2022-2023 was a jammed-pack year for us across the country. In addition to the groups we worked with across the country, over 95% of the funds we distributed went to organizations led by or serving girls from equity-deserving communities. We also delivered 125+ hours of coaching directly to sport leaders and distributed $1.8 million to sport organizations through grants and programs.

Why is Indigenous History Month Important in Sports?

June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada. It’s an opportunity to learn more about the unique cultures, traditions and experiences of First Nations, Inuit and Métis. 

Indigenous people experience sport in unique ways. This includes benefits such as anti-racist, feminist and Indigenous activism, cultural and historical value as well as enhanced holistic health and well-being. Yet, Indigenous women, girls and gender-diverse people face many barriers that prevent them from accessing the full benefits of sport, including racism, stereotypes and limited accommodation.  

Read our #NIHM2023 article to access resources and enhance your learning in creating safer sport environments for everyone.

Why is #PrideMonth Important in Sport?

Despite the benefits sport can provide, it still remains an exclusive and often unsafe environment for many people in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. 

2SLGBTQIA+ women, girls and gender-diverse individuals belong in sport. Until all areas of sport are safe and welcoming for everyone, there is an on-going need for education, policy and action aimed at creating safer spaces for all participants in sport.

Read our #PrideMonth article to access resources and enhance your learning in creating safer sport environments for all.

CWS in the Media

Elementary school program focuses on young girls stepping up to the plate

Windsor’s Glenwood Public School has introduced a new program — Girls At Bat where they learn the fundamentals of baseball. Programs such as these help to provide the positive benefits sport has on women, girls and gender-diverse individuals such as mental health and well-being, physical health and confidence.

Learn more about the benefits girls experience while participating in sport in the Rally Report 2022.

Partner & Community Updates

News From the Community

Canada’s Minister of Sport, Pascale St.Onge describes why Pride feels different this year – CTV News

In the wake of a rise in hate and attempts to “push back” on the progress made, Minister St.Onge sees an opportunity for Canadian politicians, high-profile athletes and others with platforms to “stand up.” Minister St-Onge is Canada’s first openly lesbian member of the federal cabinet and is leading the safe sport charge at the federal level since taking on the role. Learn more about the initiatives she is undertaking to create safer sport on the national level. 

Calgary Surge Game Day Volunteers

The Canadian Elite Basketball League unveiled its newest franchise, the Calgary Surge. The team started its 2023 season in May at the WinSport Event Centre, which is the team’s home. The Surge are looking for volunteer roles on game days including merchandise team, promotions team, court sweeper, DJ/mascot assistant, game day setup, and ticket scanner. To learn more and apply now, click here

Beyond Allyship: Supporting Indigenous Communities

Join Women’s Sport Network for a crucial discussion on going beyond allyship and how we can support Indigenous communities and people in a non-performative way. This presentation will discuss what it means to ‘show up’ and stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities. It will overview ways to support Indigenous traditions and cultures from a non-performative framework. Participants will learn about colonialism, unpack the importance of land acknowledgments, gather a list of local Indigenous businesses to support and more!

Speed Skating Canada Looking for Nominations for EDI Working Group

Speed Skating Canada is looking for nominations for its Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Working Group. SSC will accept all nominations submitted before July 9 at 11:59 pm EST. Nominations will be reviewed and a working group of approximately 10 members will be selected. All nominees will be contacted regardless of the outcome no later than July 31, 2023. Apply now and learn more.

Have a gender equity initiative you want to share? Click here.

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