How our Custom Consultations Support Organizations in their Gender Equity Work

Meeting organizations where they are and taking them a step forward in gender equity.

Every organization has unique needs and means when it comes to addressing gender equity.

From focus groups to strategy reviews to programming and services recommendations, our custom consultations are designed to meet you where you are on your gender equity journey, and help you create lasting change.

So, how can this service support your organization in its gender equity work?

What is a custom consultation?

A custom consultation is when we tailor our supports to the needs of an organization. This service is also designed to fill the gaps of our ongoing offered programs (Same Game Challenge, Playbook, Gender Equity LENS e-learning, etc.). We know that every organization within/around the sport sector has different needs and are at different stages of their gender equity journey. That is why a custom consultation will not look the same from an organization to another.

Who should reach out to us for a custon consultation?

  1. Any sport organization that is at the beginning of their gender equity journey;
  2. Sport organizations or leaders, who have looked at our offerings and read our resources but have challenges connecting these learnings to their daily work;
  3. Organizations who have embarked on gender equity work (whether with us or externally) and require further support in both their long-term and short-term programs or services.
  4. Organizations that have participated in one or several of our programs or had a previous custom consultation that require additional support in both their long-term and short-term programs or services.

What does the custom consultation process look like with Canadian Women & Sport?

  1. The sport organization/leader will reach out to us via our Contact Us form/through a staff/or our email to outline their interest in a custom consultation.
  2. Organizations will have an introductory call with us to understand where they currently are in their work and what issues they are facing. Canadian Women & Sport will recommend the best types of support(s) your organization may require.
  3. Canadian Women & Sport will draft a proposal for services that include a scope of work, responsibilities of each organization, duration of services and proposed fee. This would include a period of negotiation and finalizing what this consultation will look like.
  4. When satisfied with a final proposal of services, both parties will sign a contract.
  5. Once signed, the parties will begin the services outlined in the proposal.

Each custom consultation is specific to an organization and therefore, we do not provide a base cost and duration of services upfront. Questions or concerns regarding cost of duration of services can be discussed in the step 2 and/or 3 of the custom consultation process outlined above.

Organizations that have benefited from our Custom Consultations

Through our custom consultations, we work as a solution partner to these organizations by listening to their needs, their challenges, their barriers and package what we already have (resources, research, support services, etc.) to help them in their gender equity journey.

With Wheelchair Basketball Canada, we reviewed their Gender Equity Strategy and Plan with an intersectional lens. Their goal is to recruit and retain more women and girls in a variety of roles within the sport as participants, coaches, champions and officials.

Canadian Women & Sport helped us focus and prioritize our gender equity projects by providing leadership, expertise and best practices from sport and business. The planning facilitators we worked with created a safe space for open-sharing and deepened our organizational knowledge through targeted lunch and learn sessions. As a result of the Gender Equity Strategy and Plan WBC and CWS co-created, we have revamped our Women’s Nationals and are seeing increased participation year over year.

Sean Liebich, Program Manager, Wheelchair Basketball Canada

With the Saskatchewan Soccer Association, we delivered two customized Gender Equity workshops to their staff and board members to support them in applying the Gender Equity LENS process in their work. The goal was to explore unconscious biases, share best practices around the application of an intersectional gender equity lens, and identify opportunities for positive change through discussion and reflection.

At Saskatchewan Soccer, we really believe that sport is a place for anyone to participate. In order to create a sport system that reflects that, we needed to ensure we have access to knowledge, information and resources to support us on this journey. CWS and their wonderful facilitators helped provide custom facilitated sessions, which provided an opportunity to come together to learn, share, have open conversations and identify opportunities to progress our sport in Saskatchewan. We are a better organization for having completed these sessions.

Rahim Mohamed, C.E.O. & Sporting Director, Saskatchewan Soccer Association

We understand that gender equity is multi-faceted, complex and not a linear process. We can be the organization that helps support you on this journey. If you don’t know what to do or where to start, we’re always open to have a conversation with you. It could be the start of a meaningful and beneficial collaboration to deepen your gender equity journey.

Interested in learning more about how we can support your organization’s gender equity goals?