Canadian Women & Sport Unveils New Strategic Plan for 2021-2024

Toronto, ON (May, 6 2021) – Canadian Women & Sport released its new strategic plan today, outlining its roadmap to mobilize a system of learning and action that will build better sport for all through gender equity. The latest strategic plan arrives as the organization celebrates forty years as the leading advocate of gender equity in sport.

“The momentum among sport organizations to embrace gender equity to build better sport is growing. Canadian Women & Sport is ready to continue its advocacy for gender equity, and, more importantly, to partner with organizations and leverage its evidence-based thought leadership to support sports to change the game,” said newly elected Board Chair, Tanya Mruck. “The strategic plan positions the organization to lead transformational change while also creating the conditions for long-term sustainability.”

“We believe the benefits of building an equitable sport system for everyone are obvious and people and organizations are ready to act,” said Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, CEO, Canadian Women & Sport. “We look forward to working more deeply with sport and physical activity organizations and to achieving the Government of Canada’s vision of gender equity at all levels of sport by 2035.”

Canadian Women & Sport developed its plan with input from national sport organizations, multi-sport organizations, provincial sport organizations and sector leaders and funders. Canadian Women & Sport will reach its goal of empowering 10,000 leaders and 500 organizations to bring gender equity to life in their work by focusing on three strategic priorities:

  • Deepen gender equity collaboration with sport organizations
  • Foster ongoing relationships to enable transformational change
  • Modernize its operating model

To learn more about the details of the 2021-2024 strategic plan, please visit our website.